10 Day Detox For 5-8lbs off

I've been doing my job for over 7 years now and believe i know what it takes to get people in shape, particularly losing unwanted body fat. At the beggining of any successful fat loss effort, a period of detox is very important. Our bodies are constantly bombarded with toxins, chemicals and pollutants, some are made by our body, but most are from the external environment. Every day our bodies have to deal with toxins from food, water, air pollution, pecticides, medicines, drugsused in lifestock and chemicals in household products. A poor diet, junk food and food additives add to this burden. Our bodies are desined to deal with this toxic overload, but it starts to stuggle when this continiues to occur over weeks, months and years. These toxins can be stored in fat cells for many years, making losing unwanted body fat hard work.

Experts recommend the regular use of a nutritional whole body cleanse to help deal with toxins through the liver, kidneys, skin and the respiratory and intestinal systems. This will lighten the load on the body, helping to support a healthy system, providing energy and vitality, normal immune function and skin tone.

To do well and see great results, you need to follow everything i say, where possible. I'm going to give you my newest detox plan to follow for FREE. It’s a detailed meal and snack plan and there is a detailed "Good Foods For Fat Loss" document to refer to as well. The detox is for 10 days and if followed properly you will drop 5-8lbs, as well as getting a significantly flatter stomach. You will also get support in my Facebook fat loss group (friend request me) and/or Twitter (@leesiemaszko) - daily tips, advice, motivation and exercise videos to do at home or the gym.

All i need you to do is purchase Natures Sunshine's Healthy Starter Programme from my webshop link below, this is essential to the detox process. Get 15% off here. I'll then email the food plan.


The Healthy Starter Pack helps draw toxins out of fat cells, improves liver health, the kidneys, circulatory system, colon, intestines and digestive system, all essential for fat loss and optimal health. Liquid chlorophyll is energising and flushes toxins out your body. Pro B11 adds good bacteria in to the system post 10 day detox and further supports on going optimal digestion. Following this process your bodies metabolism will speed up, so you burn fat more efficiently and you will continue to lose weight post 10 days if you keep a lot of the food ideas going.

Feel free to Google the products to read more. The Daily Mail recently posted positive comments on Liquid Chlorophyll, giving it some National publicity, particularly as its used by some top supermodels.


All Natures Sunshine's products are made from ORGANIC food and plant sources, no added rubbish, so your body recognises the ingredients and can use them effectively. I use them both myself, as do all my PT clients, i regularly see great results. These are not meal replacements, as I don't believe in that; I want you to learn about healthy food for long term success.

Also, check the Fat Loss and Health Supplements section of my website for any other products you might want to use to further enhance your results, they are all fine to take during the 10 day detox and beyond.

So many people have seen success from this 10 day plan and it has given them a healthy springboard to further weight and body fat losses.

Jessica Fox, Hollyoaks“Results are in and i lost 6lbs and 3inches off my chest, waist and hips. Get following Lee and give it a try!” (Jessica Fox, Hollyoaks)

Will Kozer“Final weight in and its 13lbs off! A lot of this was Christmas binge weight, but i'm made up to get back to my London Marathon race weight from last year. Time to kick on for this years race!” (Will Kozer)

Emilia Bona“Results are in and i lost 6lbs! Super happy with that and my stomach feels way flatter. Struggled with it at points, but its defo helped me see i need to cut down on carbs as a long term diet change” (Emilia Bona)

Steve Higham“Detox completed with a weight loss of 10lbs, i'm really pleased with that. I now need to continue eating healthy and up my exercise. Thanks Lee, i couldn't have done it without you ” (Steve Higham)

Laura Rimmer“I lost 6lbs and 6 inches, my skin feels amazing, my tummy feels flat, but best of all its kick started me back in to clean eating habits” (Laura Rimmer)

Stefan Pryor“10lbs off in 10 days and i don't feel bloated anymore! ” (Stefan Pryor)

Katie Robinson“I found the detox easier this time around, 9lbs off, got to keep a lot of the same food ideas going because i know this works” (Katie Robinson)

Rachel Collin“5lbs and 3% body fat off! Its the kickstart i needed!” (Rachel Collin)

Cassie Surrey“End of my ten days, 9lb off, skin looks amazing, flatter tummy and i have survived with no caffeine” (Cassie Surrey)

Danielle Carrol-Peters“Right 10 days completed and results are in! Don’t know in pounds how much I lost as my scales broke but ...lost 2 and a bit inches round my waist, 1.5 inches around thighs and 2 inches from arms!!! Everyone keeps commenting on my skin though-looks flawless and I feel fab” (Danielle Carrol-Peters)

Dianne Coughlin“After a shaky start with headaches and feeling like crap for the first 3 days i came through to complete my detox, lost 7lbs and feel great, am not as hungry as before the detox so happy days thanks Lee Siemaszko” (Dianne Coughlin)

Ann-Marie Harris“Day 8 of my detox....feeling very proud of myself for sticking to it so strictly. Just weighed myself in work and I've lost 5lb...still got 2 days to go but feeling loads better in myself” (Ann-Marie Harris)

Siobhan Knapton“9lb off altogether!!! Great start to the holiday!!! Thanks Lee Siemaszko” (Siobhan Knapton, red in the picture below)

Colin O'Brien“8lb altogether, extended it due to a treat day” (Colin O’Brien)

Lucy Strong“5lb off! More than I was expecting! It was hard work but well worth it. Will definitely do it again! I'm having some small treats today but will try and stick with most of the detox rules where I can in the near future” (Lucy Strong)

Caroline Barrowman“6.5lbs off and i feel great! I'm going to carry for a few more days, then I'm off on a hen do” (Caroline Barrowman).

Nadine Escoffery“Detox finished and 8lbs off, having a day off & doing it again until I go away. Very happy with results” (Nadine Escoffery)

Caroline Dunlop“10 day detox done! 6lb off and a flat stomach for hols carrying on for a couple more days as I missed a few supplements so hopefully shift a bit more! Real test of willpower - meals out, family gatherings filled with alcohol and bad food and long shifts. The first diet I've really seen results from” (Caroline Dunlop)

Julia Twist“Detox went well. Only lost 4lb but I'm chuffed because I actually dropped 5% body fat and went down from bmi 22 to 21, and lost 3 inches!” (Julia Twist)

Amanda Davey“Just thought I'd let you know I lost 10lb... I am back on the detox again and hoping to lose a further 5,6,7lb before my 40th” (Amanda Davey).

Sammy Bradley“10lbs off so far this month by the way, detox done and keeping it going” (Sammy Bradley)

Laura Mackenzie“Hi lee. Thanks for your help with the detox, I'm well happy with the results, lost 11lbs in the 10 days!! Feel great and can't wait to carry on making better choices with food!!” (Laura Mackenzie)


Sophie WalshI've just finished my 10 days and I've lost 3 inches off my waist and an inch off my legs and hips! I'm happy I was only slim to begin with was just extra weight from baby that I was trying to shift and it's done the job (Sophie Walsh).

Freya SharplesI'm made up, I have lost 10lbs! Feel a lot better, even managing to be around people eating chocolate without craving it! (Freya Shaples)

Sam NorburyFinished the detox yesterday, I started at 10st 4lbs and I'm now 9st 11 and I feel loads better and more confident about making healthy filling foods. (Sam Norbury)

Lynsey GoodyearStill a long way to go but thanks for the great start! (Lynsey Goodyear)

Lynsey Goodyear10lbs off in 10 days - amazing! i'm up to 2 stone off now in the last 3 months, determined to keep it going. (Jon Farrell)