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Are you on Facebook? Do you want to make some positive lifestyle changes, so you lose weight, look better, feel better, sleep better, be more productive and generally have a new bounce in your stride? Join my Facebook Fat Loss Group today. It’s a FREE online help group that i update most days with useful workouts, motivational quotes and pictures, as well as lots of meal and snacks ideas

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I’ve had some amazing results with people that i have either never done an exercise session with, or never met. Their progressions have come purely from taking a lot of my advice on board and making positive lifestyle changes.

Jack Leddy'The Fat Loss help group has been great for ideas for what to eat and what not to eat. Lee also gave me supplement advice and a training plan to follow for a few months. I've used all this information and the help of the Body Coach cook books to get to where i am now' (Jack Leddy).

Cally Hall

I lost 17lbs in the lead up to my wedding using the meal and snack ideas from the group. I was also going to the gym 3-4 times a week and again taking workout ideas from the group. I can’t thank Lee enough for his time and effort (Cally Hall).

"As much as I don't want to put this picture up because looking back makes me feel a bit sick, I want to say a huge thank you to Lee for everything he's done and think this is the best way to do that. 3 stone lighter thanks to his help, and a million times happier! I recently had a health check with my GP and my BMI has gone from 36 to 24, as I’ve lost almost a third of my bodyweight" (Samantha Bradley)

Samantha Bradley

“With the help of the fat loss group, my body fat is down to 21%. My aim now is to reduce this further in the hope for abs definition. I’m loving the clean eating and daily exercise, you can’t get much better then that. Lee has been an amazing lifeline and inspiration” (Claire Hurst)

Claire Hurst

Lisa Cook“I got involved in the fat loss group at the start of January 2014. In just 4 weeks i lost 12lbs, by making lots of improved foods choices, as my activity levels were already very good, exercising most days. (Lisa Cook)


Shari BullockI take on board a lot of the info from the support group and eat as clean as I can. I've now lost 2 stone in the last 18 months just by making better food choices and for once in my life not consciously being 'on a diet'. Thanks for all your help lee x (Shari Bullock).