Personal Training Testimonials

Over the last few years i've helped a wide variety people - old, young, underweight, overweight, pre-wedding, post child birth, actors, actresses, musicians and footballers wives.

Les Mckee

'I wanted to lose weight having allowed myself to reach 16 stone and started with Lee’s bootcamp initially. As the weight started to fall off i started some 1-2-1 PT sessions incorporating lots of weight training. I also began to enjoy running and have been able to call on Lee’s vast running experience to help me. I am set to complete my first marathon in 2017. Overall, i have lost 4 stone and dropped 8 inches around my waist' (Les Mckee).

Darren Farley'I started training with Lee in the summer of 2016, as i wanted to get in shape for my wedding. What started as a wedding weight loss plan turned in to a life changing plan. My sessions with Lee have always been enjoyable and interesting. He helped me train for my first ever 5km race, now i’m working towards a 10km. Lee’s has also had a big impact on my diet and do date i have lost 3 stone and it’s still coming off. I count Lee as not just a brilliant personal trainer, but also a very good friend too. He has helped change my life for the better and i’ll always be very grateful for that' (Darren Farley, Impressionist).

Hannah Bricknell'I lost 3.5 stone with Lee over a 12 month period' (Hannah Bricknell).

Tony Jones'I am 60 years old, but consider myself to be quite a fit person, running at least 5 times a week, but wanted to improve my upper body strength and core stability. Doing just 1 session a week with Lee has really made a difference. I am now lifting considerably heavier weights compared to when we first started and I am a lot more confident when doing bodyweight exercises, such as press-ups, dips and planks.' (Tony Jones, local veteran athlete).

'I had potential serious health problems if i didn't start to exercise and watch my diet, i was a massive 28 stone. Lee had already done a great job in helping my sister with her aims / goals, so i gave him a call. In just over 12 months i lost 11 stone and am now 17st. I still have some way to go, but feel a lot healthier and physically active. I've even managed to get back in to competitive sports, such as badminton and cricket, which i used to enjoy at school.'(Ahmed Raz).

'I started with Lee 3 months prior to my wedding day. My fitness levels were fairly low, but soon increased very fast due to varied training undertaken with Lee. I was especially pleased with the way my running progressed, as i wasn't over keen in the early stages and found it a struggle. On my wedding day my weight had gone down from 13st 2lbs to 11st 5lbs and measurements 38-31-40 (bust, waist, hips) to 34-31-40. In the weeks since my honeymoon i have progressed futher to 10st 13lbs and 33-31-39, this is a result of further work with Lee, joining a local running club, playing badminton and using weight watchers.' (Siobhan Doris, teacher).

Melissa Ronan

'I had baby weight to lose following the birth of my second child, my diet needed cleaning up and i was keen to get back in to my running. After a few months of training with Lee, i injured my achilles, so we decided to change focus and do lots of heavier weights and core work, i am very pleased with the way my body has changed shape, particularly the toning, definition and lower body fat levels.' (Melissa Ronan, full time mum).

I came to Lee 6 months after giving birth, looking to lose that excess baby weight and get back to my normal shape and size. I lost 2 stone in the 5 months we worked together, it wasn't easy, but Lee was persistent, supportive and encouraging, especially during any periods of low morale. I started at 11st 4lbs and got down to 9st 4lbs, my measurements went from 39-31.5-42 (bust, waist, hips) to 34-27-37. I would recommend Lee to anyone who is facing the same problem that I had.' (Sarah Taylor, Merseyside Police).

I have a good relationship with Hollyoaks and have worked with a number of their cast members, including James Sutton, James Atherton, Tom Scurr, Stephen Billington, Anna Shaffer and Jorgie Porter.

Just some of the Hollyoaks cast I have worked with

'Lee has helped me loads over the last couple of years, improving my diet and fitness, getting my body fat down and getting me around 2 London marathons. He is a top PT and good friend of mine.' (James Atherton, actor, Hollyoaks)

Tom Scurr'Lee is a fantastic personal trainer, who's advice and support extends far beyond your sessions at the gym. Not only does he give you all the tools to meet your goals, he motivates you to truly want to reach them. He is certainly a rare and essential ally in the battle against my inner binge eating/outer debauched living self. Don't waste your money buying the latest electro-ab blaster 5000, avoid half killing yourself on the latest 'celebrity' diet of kiwi skins and shots of your own tears. Just get yourself a Lee, and you'll get the results you want and keep them.' (Tom Scurr, actor, Hollyoaks)

Jorgie PorterI'm not a massive fan of the gym, but was keen to maintain some strength, definition and fitness from my time on Dancing On Ice. Lee's gym session were stimulating using various equipment and always left me stiff and sore the day after - the sign of a good workout. I highly recommend him.' (Jorgie Porter, actress, Hollyoaks).

I have also helped footballers wives Dani Lawrence (Brad Jones-Liverpool)complete the Great North Run and London Marathon and Awa Abduleau (Steven Pienaar -Everton) get the post baby weight off following her second child.

'Lee was great when i first moved to Liverpool, i didn't know anyone and had little time to prepare for the Great North Run, he made himself available as much as he could and i comfortably got through the race and raised lots of money for my chosen charity, Anthony Nolan'. (Dani Lawrence, footballers wife and model).

Awa Adbuleau

I was struggling for motivation and healthy routine following the birth of my second child, Lee helped me get a stone lighter and 2inches off bust, hips and waist, now i'm nearly back to pre-pregnancy weight and shape'. (Awa Abduleau, footballers wife).